“The ultimate search backpack”

Price: $189.95

Overview: Every time I head over seas, I pack all of my gear into the FCS Mission back pack. It’s the ultimate backpack for any adventure. Its stealth, minimal and packs a punch, as far as back packs go, this is by far the best I’ve ever used. With 40L capacity the Mission allows for all of your essential items, including clothes and wetsuits. The best part about the Mission is within its design, it features:

  • Semi-wet zone perfect for damp board shorts.
  • Separate laptop compartment.
  • Multiple internal and external utility pockets.
  • Side compression straps + dual carry handles.
  • Reinforced ergonomic lumbar support with extra back padding.
  • Lockable splash proof zippers.
  • Expandable side pockets and front pouch.
  • Stealth rear storage pocket.
  • Full access main compartment with full length opening allowing easy access.

Positives: When I travel I like to keep it light, as simple as one backpack and one board bag. I recently went over to East Java for two weeks and lived solely out of this backpack. I kept all my clothing, wetsuit tops, camera and all of my surf hardware within the Mission. It made travelling with all my gear a breeze.

  • The full length main opening compartment made it easy to open while I was in transit and allowed it to be super functional when rummaging through the pack.
  • It has many hidden compartments for all of your important items, in particular it has a stash pocket in the rear of the pack, right behind the back panel. I kept my travel wallet, which included my passport in this stealth pocket, so it was easy accessible while boarding and in transit.
  • It was light weight and extremely comfortable when at full capacity. The reinforced ergonomic lumbar support allowed your back to stay straight and made carrying it over a long haul comfortable. The straps are also designed to bare the weight evenly, which I found extremely beneficial, it made carrying the pack easy.
  • It doubled as a really good day pack, when you were heading out on boats and anywhere over land.

I honestly can’t fault this backpack at all, FCS have really taken all key components of surf travel and incorporated it into the most functional travel pack. It’s essential on every surf mission I embark upon.