“My go to for keeping my feet stuck to the board”

Creatures grips are definitely my go to for keeping my feet stuck to the board. I’ve been using the new Mitch Coleborn model which is a flat simple pad. I find is nice and light under the feet while still giving you the feeling of the board, it’s ridiculous grippy from the new little bumps they have added to the lightweight thermo mould.

They also do a front traction pad in the same mould best part about that is you don’t have to spend money on wax!! I was surprised surfing in Indo without a shirt and didn’t get ripped apart by it.

Mitch Coleborn Features:

  • Square lock 2 pattern
  • Ramp kick 28mm
  • Rubbed arch
  • 3 piece
  • Length : 310mm/12.2”
  • Width   : 300mm/11.8”

Front Traction Pad  IV Features:

  • Thermo mould pattern
  • Flat pad
  • 3 piece pad
  • Length : 403.5mm/15.9”
  • Width : 375mm/14.8”

Blogged By: Zac Settimo