“An amazing way to take advantage of how good your phone’s camera is”

Price: $249.00
Versions Available: iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7+/8+ and iPhone X
Link: https://aquatech.net/collections/axisgo

Axis Go is the ultimate accessory for your iPhone; made by Aquatech Housings it protects from all the elements whilst allowing you to capture some incredible imagines in the water. I have been using my new housing with an iPhone 8+ and the quality of both photos and footage is exceptional. Having full visibility of your phone screen makes it much easier to keep subjects in your field of view than it is with a GoPro. However, as the housing is pretty big it isn’t as easy to swim with and I would definitely recommend using flippers and the pistol grip, so you can shoot with one hand.

The hard-coated polycarbonate membrane on the back of the housing allows you to use the phone’s touch screen and even make calls. It’s definitely not as easy to use as normal and I wouldn’t recommend trying to type a message, but you can easily swap between camera modes and view your photos.

All Axis Go housings are compatible with their wide-angle and dome lenses which screw onto the front of the housing. The wide-angle lens increases the field of view to 140 degrees which is perfect if you’re shooting things at a close range (shoreys, your mates getting shacked, etc.). Also available are 6” dome lenses, in both a regular and wide angle, which allow you to capture split shots (half below and above the surface of the water) as well as improving underwater image quality.

Below is a short clip filmed using my Axis Go housing;


  • Waterproof down to 10m
  • Shockproof, Snowproof & Dustproof
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Front and Rear cameras will both work
  • Compatible with interchangeable lenses


  • Ultra Wide Angle Lens – $129.99
  • Pistol Grip – $129.99
  • Dome Lens – $249.99
  • Ultra Wide Dome Lens – $249.99

Blogged By: Tim