“The ultimate surf watch that enables you to record all of your sessions”

Price: $499.99
Colours Available: Black, White & Blue (new)

Link: http://searchgps.ripcurl.com/welcome/the-watch.php


  • Time, tide, surf, stopwatch and alarm functions
  • 200m waterproof
  • GPS one-touch sets the time and tide using your location
  • Surf mode records your total distance traveled, top speed, number of waves, distance paddled and longest wave
  • Free smart phone app where you can create a profile, load your surfs and follow your friends
  • 5 year warranty

I use my watch for almost every surf and it’s been really interesting to see the huge distances and wave numbers surfer’s record. As well as this it’s a great way to keep track of your sessions and there is a function to hide the location of spots if you want to keep good waves secret/uncrowded. The only flaw in the watch is the parameters it uses do distinguish waves and paddling are less effective in small surf and it will not record waves less than 15m or if you do not reach a specific speed. However, as soon as the waves are decent no such issues occur.

Tracking barrel speed at The Entrance. Photo: Nathan Richards

Tracking barrel speed at The Entrance. Photo: Nathan Richards

Tim’s Top Tip: If you aren’t using your watch regularly it can take a long time to comment with the satellites to enable surf mode. This occurs because when you sync surfs to your profile the app also updates one week of satellite orbit positions onto the watch. If you are planning on using the watch for the first time in over a week; sync it with your phone first and this will greatly improve the time it takes to connect with the satellites.

Blogged By: Tim Dickson