“Short, fast board with the hold of a step-up.”

Price: $870
Demos: Not Available
Specs: 5’6″ x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4 = 24.5L

Link: Mini Driver (Lost Website)

Overview: Because of the rounded pin, for a short wide board it works well in bigger conditions. This tail combined with the 5-fin plug system which allows you to ride a thruster set-up when small and quad when bigger makes it an epic all rounder.


  • Medium entry and tail rocker gives the mini driver a comfortable feel both in steep and sloppy faces
  • Single to double concave between the fins provides excellent drive
  • Rounded pin provides great hold in bigger conditions

Recommended Conditions: I first rode the board in 4-6ft waves at Dixon park, I was unsure about riding such a small board in bigger waves and was immediately surprised by how well it handled without slidding or bouncing on the wave. The board was originally designed for hollow punchy conditions but by keeping the shape compact it made the board the perfect all rounder for Australian and Indonesian conditions.

Blogged By: Joel Horton