“This thing will be your best friend whilst you embark on a surf adventure anywhere across the world”

Price: $59.99
Product: Channel Islands Surf/Fin Accessory Bag


  • 4 sizeable fin compartments
  • 1 large legrope/wax compartment
  • 4 small accessory compartments

Overview: I think this fin wallet is the king of them all. It has functionality whilst staying compact & light. It also looks sick! I personally like the idea of not having a main zipper to open the bag as zippers can cause problems when surrounded by salt. It spacious and once opened fully is very easy to see everything in each section. Keeping all your surf accessories together in one spot can be difficult when your constantly on the move or even if you don’t have a lot of space. Whilst travelling Indonesia this thing made my surf experience a walk in the park. I had everything from ding repair, wax, leggy strings, wax combs, sunblock, zinc & even a few Slimes stickers to leave a trail of my journey 😉 The best thing about my Channel Islands Fin Wallet is that I still use it day to day to keep everything together in the back of my car….


  • Your surf goods no longer grow legs and disappear – you’ll never miss a session due to a lost fin keys, wax or any other accessories needed
  • Not having a major zip to access the bag eliminates broken/seized zip trouble

Cons: I guess if there was a general major zip you could lock it shut which would keep the bag more secure although if someone were to try to steal your goods they’d probably pinch the whole wallet!

Blogged By: Jedd Welch