“Great board for slop and good conditions. Very user-friendly.”

Demos:Not Available with square tail, 5’9, 5’10, 5’11, 6’0 Available with swallow tail
Specs: 5’9 x 18’ 5/8’ x 2’ 1/4 = 26.5L

Overview: I’ve had really good boards from Channel Islands in the past and the Bunny Chow was a replacement of my New Flyer. The Bunny Chow was supposed to be my small wave board but it ended up being a quiver killer. Originally the Bunny chow is designed to have a swallow tail, however I ordered mine with a rounded square. The board works well in conditions from 1-2ft up to 4-5ft. I picked this board over others because we had such good feedback from not only Greeny, but also all of our team riders and customers. I use FCS K-3’s or the Kinetic Racing Dusty fins. I find both sets offer plenty of drive and suit my surfing and ability.


Features: The board has a low exit rocker combined with a high entry rocker. This makes taking off really easy in sucky conditions. The board is PU and is a thruster. These are both stock standard specs for the Bunny Chow and are both what I prefer. I chose the square tail over the swallow as I find it to be a little bit more forgiving.


Recommended Conditions: I enjoy riding the Bunny Chow on a bowly point break and it feels great on my backhand. I’ve found the board to be outstanding in the waves from anywhere between 1-2ft Newcastle slop to 4-5ft punchy Dixon Park. I think it’s best suited for surfers looking to hit big sections with speed and hold their rail through big hacks.


-Very userfriendly in most conditions.
-Maximum drive with full rails
-Holds well when coming off the bottom and has bite in sucky sections.
-Quiver killer. Extremely versatile board for conditions around Newcastle.

-I’d look for another board when conditions are 6ft plus as I feel a little under gunned on my 5’9 Bunny Chow.

Blogged by: Ian Fletcher

SLIMES Board Review // Channel Islands // Bunny Chow from Slimes on Vimeo.