“A super comfy suit with great rubber that makes you feel dry when in the water.”

Product: Billabong Xero Furnace Pro Steamer – Zip Free
Price: $499.99

Link: Furnace Pro (Billabong Website)


  • Zip free
  • 3/2 mm
  • Tape sealed seams
  • Furnace lining from chest to above the knee
  • Super stretchy

Overview: I use my suit daily in the winter season from early mornings to midday surfs and is all you need to get you through the Newcastle winter season. The suit is incredibly stretchy and light when in the water.

Brad ripping in his Xero Pro. Photo: Throwing Buckets

Brad ripping in his Xero Pro

Warmth: Billabong have included the furnace lining from chest to above the knees which separates the water from you skin giving you the feeling of being dry. The neoprene taped seams inside the suit keeps water entry to a minimum and it is 3/2 mm thick which keeps the wind off. The suit doesn’t have any smoothy panels on the chest which increases flexibility.

Seals: The chest and neck seal is great due to the double layer of neoprene, although the neck height is pretty low and can sometime let water in. After using this suit for one season I can start to feel the water getting through the seals around the legs which I think is because of using the suit daily and stretching the legs when taking the suit on and off. The entry through the wrist and ankles are minimal due to the taped wrist.

Comfort: Definitely one of the comfiest suits I have worn. Being zip free, light weight and so stretchy enables plenty of movement.


  • Love the zip free entry
  • Furnace layer keeps me super warm and dry
  • Great weight when wet and dry
  • Amazing comfort


  • Doesn’t dry too quick so surfing twice a day can be hard

Blogged By: Brad Fraser