“Flex pattern pop, this thing is alive!”

Price: $1099
Dimensions: 5’5” x 19” x 2 ¼” – 25.9 L
V3 Rocket: http://www.lostsurfboards.net/boards/the-v3-rocket/
Carbon Wrap: http://www.lostsurfboards.net/technology/carbon-wrap/

I was searching for a really good groveller to take to a QS event in Japan and wanted something that would float, generate/carry speed and scoot over dead sections on soft waves; the flex pattern and floatation of the epoxy Carbon Wrap setup is ideal for this.
I noticed from my first wave how responsive it is and it definitely takes a few waves to get used to it. Flying down the line this board feels amazing and it carries speed throughout your turns. Using this speed can be tricky, especially due to the wide tail and epoxy float and you really need to stay low over the board when moving fast.
I ride my MF Large FCSII fins in a thrusters setup, they are my go to fins in just about every board.


  • Epoxy Carbon Wrap Technology
  • Generally flat rocker; short entry with a kick in the nose and a slow exit rocker of about 2 inches starting just above the fins
  • Single concave under the front foot, trending slowly into a double under the back foot
  • Step tail, almost set up as an 80’s retro swallow that turns into a round tail after the 3rd wing
  • Quite short and wide, with the wide point in the rails somewhere between the front and back foot
  • Can be ridden as either a thrusters or a quad

Recommended Conditions:
0-2ft gutless or playful waves, however experienced surfers could also push this board in clean, hollow surf. The V3is definitely suited more towards intermediate-experienced surfers who are looking to generate lift and speed in smaller, slower waves.
Also due to the floatation caused by the EPS core, it would be great for a novice surfer looking to improve, but would be ridden an inch or two taller than themself.


  • Light and fast
  • Speed through manoeuvres and dead sections
  • Responsive, alive and fun to ride


  • Limited drive and control through really hard rail carves
  • Super loose when going fast
  • Generally only works best in small, weak waves

Blogged By: Saxon Lumsden