“An all-rounder that will go good in just about any sort of conditions”

Dimensions: 5’10” x 18 3/4” x 2 3/16” – 24.4 L (round tail)
Price: $855
Demos: N/A
Link: http://www.cisurfboards.com/board/rook15/

Overview: This is one of the best boards I have ridden and I could tell that from the very first time I picked it up, it is super light and feels amazing under the arm. I decided to get a Rook 15 after I had seen that a lot of the pros were riding them up at snapper rocks in the quicksilver pro, and they really caught my eye. I ride this board with the FCSII Julian Wilson, thruster fin set up which I really like as they have a smaller back fin and let you release the tail quite easily. My Rook 15 in 24.4 litres, which is quite low, but makes the board light and responsive.


  • A lot of rocker, particularly in the tail
  • Single concave throughout
  • Standard PU blank
  • FCSII thruster setup

Recommended Conditions: The Rook 15 is designed for good, clean conditions and most suited for more experienced surfers. It performs best around the 4ft range, however it works great for me as an all rounder which I ride in 2-6ft simply by changing the fin setup according to the conditions (larger fins for bigger waves and a smaller setup when its 2-3ft).


  • Great for when the surfs pumping, you know you have the right board for the good conditions
  • Also a great all-rounder, one of those boards that you could leave in your car and ride all the time.


  • The only time when the rook 15 doesn’t really go, is when it is really small, sloppy beach breaks, in this case I would use an epoxy board, that is a bit shorter and wider than your standard short board.

Blogged By: Ben Hucker