“Ned Kelly would have robbed a bank to get his hands on a board like this”

Price: $830
5’9” x 18 ½” x 2 3/16” – 24L
(My Bush Ranger square tail is stock dimensions at 5’7” x 18 ¾” x 21/4”)
Link: http://www.markrichardssurfboards.com/boards_ranger_bushranger.php

The Newcastle staff are all huge fans of the round tail Bush Ranger as our performance/good wave shortboards; Mick, Joel and myself each own one. We all went a bit longer, narrower and thinner than the stock dimensions and pulled in the tails so that they will handle up to 6ft comfortably.
I find the rounded pin handles plenty of speed and feels really smooth on rail which is perfect when you’re surfing big, clean walls. Despite this, in smaller, weaker waves it still allows a smooth tail release and the relatively forward center of volume generates plenty of speed.


  • Single to double concave for speed and rail to rail direction changes
  • Accelerated tail rocker for high responsiveness in the pocket
  • Slightly more forward volume than other performance shortboards
  • Round tail with 5-fin FCSII

Recommended Conditions: 2-6ft (A stock board with its slightly wider tail would perform best in 1-5ft)

Slimes Newcastle staff getting barreled on their Bush Ranger round tails:


  • Really smooth on rail and responsive in the pocket
  • 5-fin option adds versatility
  • Little more forward volume helps generate speed/paddling power


  • In 1-2ft (particularly slop) a fish will be more fun, however you can still ride the Bush Ranger in this; especially if it’s stock dimensions

Blogged By: Tim Dickson