“A brilliant, high performance shortboard that will cover almost all conditions”

Price: $875
Dimensions: I rode 5’9 x 18 3/8 x 2 ¼ (25.3 L)
Demos Available:

  • 5’9 – 25.3 L
  • 5’10 – 26.4 L
  • 5’11 – 27.3 L
  • 6’0 – 28.3 L
  • 6’1 – 29.0 L

Link: http://www.lostsurfboards.com.au/pocket-rocket-proformance-round

The Lost Pocket Rocket is simply a really, really good, classic outlined shortboard. I found it felt great from the moment I stood up on it and was especially sharp in steep, bowly sections. That being said; due to the depth of the concaves its noticeably fast for such narrow, high-performance model.

The round tail draws in the tail width sharply meaning there is plenty of hold while pushing hard through rail turns as well as riding it in some size.

Recommended Conditions: Will do its best work in 2-6ft but it will definitely grovel if asked and in good, clean waves would handle a bit more size


  • A continuous rocker to fit cleanly in steeper sections
  • Deep concaves for down the line speed and getting across flat sections
  • Stock glass of 5oz S-cloth deck and 4oz bottom
  • Carbon patches on the tail to stiffen the flex

Blogged By: Tim