“ My ultimate board for when the waves are firing”

Price: $875

Specifications: 5’9 x 18.25 x 2.13 x 24L

Overview: Super light, width and thickness are perfect. Incredibly user friendly board, perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers who want to take their surfing to a radical and fun new level. I’ve been using the large Mick fanning FCS 2 template for increased speed and drive off the bottom.


Features: This board has a single concave running down the whole length of the board, with a steep concave at the nose of the board, but still flat enough it goes great in the smaller surf. The rocker and outline both have aggressive, continuous curve, cutting out all the unneeded surface area, hence why there is no hip or bump in the tail. The nose isn’t too narrow and like a needle, it’s pulled in enough so you can really perform tight turns and have enough nose surface for when taking things to the air. I really enjoy riding this board because of the way it performs in all conditions and how all round it performs, it’s my ultimate go-to for everyday waves, but really holds it’s own when the waves are firing.

Recommended conditions/performance: The whiplash performs best when the conditions are from 2-6ft, either small beaches or solid reef breaks. The rail holds so well in all condition so that i never have to change my fin setup, I always run the thrusters Mick Fanning template.


  • Incredibly versatile in small and solid conditions.
  • Holds a good rail through turns and performs manoeuvres with ease, even if the waves and conditions have no push.
  • I only have to run one set of fins, a small it holds such a good rail in all conditions.
  • Perfect drive off the bottom, speed down the line and release off the top.


  • The only down fall is if the waves are super small and lacking push the board struggles throughout flat sections. This is where a more step down board would come in perfect like the Lost Sub-Driver.

Blogged By: Jackson Roberts.