“Insane small wave performance”

 Price: $875.00

Specifications: 5,10 x 19 1/4 x 2 11/32 x 28.5L

Overview: The Sub-Driver is an ultimate small wave performance machine! Ridden smaller then your standard performance board, this drawn out and wider board will give you the ultimate upper hand in everyday average waves. The Sub-Driver is designed for ultimate speed and drive in average everyday conditions, although it still holds it own in good waves. The perfect all rounder in your quiver, it really limits the need for a range of boards for different conditions, especially in our extremely unpredictable east coast waves.

The sub driver has a very noticeable hip through the tail that transitions into a wide squash tail. The hip creates a pivot point that allows for tight and powerful turns in the pocket. It especially felt good through cutbacks, as you could really drive through your turn and whip back trough into the pocket. The wide squash tail allows the board to be ridden shorter and enables the board to blow up in small mushy waves and through flat sections. A double concave and vee out the tail give the sub-driver it’s insane speed in small waves, helping the water squirt through and release. I could really feel the board push back through turns, which made every turn feel insane and make me want to keep laying down as much power as I could. The overall outline, being a more squashed down and wider performance shortboard make it the ultimate small wave machine, super sharp through turns and fast down the line. Perfect on rail and in the air.


Recomended Conditions: Anywhere from 2-4ft, performs best in small flat and mushy waves, due to its outline and small wave performance attributes. I surfed the Sub-Driver in some of the worst waves I could find and surprisingly it went well in average slop, It felt really comfortable in punchy beach breaks and rip bowls. Although it does hold its own when the waves are on, due to its insane drive and how fast it drives down the line. Anywhere above 4ft I would definitely recommend jumping on the Lost Mayhem Driver.



  • Insane drive through bottom turns and through rail transitions.
  • The extra width distributed through out the chest and nose helped in smaller mushy conditions and through airs in small waves.
  • A board you can really put on rail and slash, cutbacks and snaps were fast and you could really feel the rail through your turns.
  • Definitely a go-to for everyday average waves, was super fun too surf and made dreaded small waves a blast.



  • At first it took time to adjust too, due to its width and hip in the tail. Once I got the feel for it, the board took off.
  • I had trouble laying turns in more round waves with a steep face, only due to its short and wide outline.
  • Anywhere over 4ft with a steep face it would start sliding out and more length would of felt a lot better, although that’s where the Lost Driver would of been perfect !

Overall: This is an insane all rounder slop destroyer, take your performance surfing to waves that are not. I absolutely loved this board, insanely fast, extreme drive and a whole lot of fun. Makes small waves a breeze and puts spark back into grovelling. I was extremely surprised when the waves turned on, as to how well it sill performed. My favourite attribute from the board would be its crazy ability on rail, i felt like i could gouge and lay my rail deep into the water. I could really feel the board push back, which made me want to lay turns like a mad man. definitely recommend the Sub-driver for an all-round every day performance board !

Demos are available in the Lost Mayhem Sub-Driver at both our Board Stores, drop in today to test one yourself !

Blogged By: Dane Cameron