“I can surf 2ft slop and it generates all the speed I need and more”

Price: $725
Dimensions: 5’0.5” x 17 7/8” x 2 1/16” (Swallow Tail)

Like most performance boards the Monsta Box goes really well in 1-5ft tight, pockety waves. However the thing that amazed me the most about this board was how well it maintained speed through dead sections and turns on fat waves. My Monsta Box was custom ordered with a swallow tail which really helps it dig in for faster, steeper waves and allows me to quickly transition from rail to rail.

Recommended Conditions:
1-5 ft wave size is my recommendation for this board and it is particularly good for crappy summer waves; everything from fat, dead waves to tight, fast closeouts. I would probably grab a different board if it was 6ft plus but I’m not completely sure as I haven’t ridden it when it’s big yet


  • Fast
  • Loose
  • Quick throughout turns even in softer waves


  • Stoked with the board, don’t think I can fault it

Blogged By: Hugh Nicholson