“A speed demon that’s perfect for all surfers in all types of conditions”

Specifications:  5’11” x 18 3/4” x 2 3/8” 27.9L with FCSII MF Larges
Price: $850
Link: https://www.jsindustries.com/surfboards/performer-series/air-17-performer
Demos Available: 5’2 – 19.0 L, 5’3 – 19.6 L, 5’4 – 20.1 L, 5’5 – 20.3 L, 5’9 – 25.4 L, 5’10 – 26.8 L, 5’11 – 27.8 L, 6’0 – 28.2 L, 6’1 – 30.3 L

Julian Wilson’s signature board the AIR17 is one of the fastest all-round performance short boards on the market! Just like an allrounder should be, it is perfect in every condition imaginable and is also more forgiving than any performance shorty I have ridden. The board has a deep double to single concave and a flatter rocker under the chest, making it super speedy as soon as you plant your front foot; allowing you grovel through the sloppier days but also generate plenty of speed down the line when it’s pumping.  I like to compliment this momentum with large MF thruster set up, allowing me to utilise this speed for deeper drawn out carves and more powerful top turns. This board is a speed demon that’s perfect for all surfers in all types of conditions.

Recommended Conditions: 2ft-6ft waves no matter what the wind


  • Deep single to double concave for speed
  • Extended flat rocker under foot for MORE speed
  • Medium tail and nose rocker for versatility
  • Standard 4×4 deck and 4 bottom glassing

This board is a great allrounder, but I feel it exceeds all other performance boards in the choppier conditions, allowing you to grovel though sloppy sections but still seamlessly hit a lip like a shortboard should when the opportunity presents its self.

About the only con I can think of is if its 8ft + you might prefer a gun

Blogged By: Jake