A board you can pick up and ride in just about all conditions!

Price: $860

Specifications: My Measurements – 5’10 x 18 5/8 x 2 ¼ . FSCII JW Meduims

Overview: The DNA is my go to all-rounder that I can ride in just about any conditions. Definitely handy to have a board like this in your quiver, it’s a board that you can throw in the back of the car the night before and know that no matter what swell size you arrive to in the morning this board is going to be able to treat you well! I use FSC II Julian Wilson medium fins in this board. I find that this fin set up keeps the board nice and loose off the top but still holds a nice bottom turn.

Recommended Use: I prefer the DNA between 2-6 ft range.


  • Nice single to double concave allowing maximum speed
  • Stock glassing of double 4oz which keeps the DNA nice and light and makes the board feel fast and lively under your feet.


  • Overall, I definitely recommend this board to any surfer out there looking to take their surfing to the next level. The DNA will help improve your surfing and allow you to surf to your full potential.


  • The DNA is my allrounder and good wave board but when the surf is on the average side and in the 0-1ft range I tend to change boards and swap to my JS HIFI or my DHD TWIN FIN for that extra speed in the smaller waves.

Blogged By: Ben Hucker