“This is my all time favourite DHD shape, it holds’s the perfect drive and down the line speed I need”


The DNA is an all round board that I use in day to day beach breaks and in pumping Indo juice. It holds  speed where i need it to, drives hard off the bottom, stays on precise rail and releases where I want, especially through the lip. As soon as you pick one of these boards up your hands won’t leave the rails like mine didn’t. Purely because of the fine looking rounded/ sharp rails, perfect squash tail and the point these beauties come to at the nose. The best part about DNA’s is that they are already in your perfect size straight off the rack, there is no need to stress about not knowing what dimensions you need because DH has your back by shaping a wide variety for everyone’s preferable dimensions. WARNING! Be careful if you aren’t prepared to buy one because you will be hooked from the moment you see or touch one.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.59.34 pm


The single to double allows for the perfect drive off the bottom and down the line speed, matched with my AM Future fins, I can just surf and not have any doubt in my equipment. I can rely on this board in any given condition, its my ultimate competition board. The perfect high performance board for anyone who wants to feel engaged and ready to take their surfing to new levels, the possibilities are endless with this board.


Recommended conditions: Comfortable in any condition, from 2 ft beaches to 6ft heaving slabs, the DNA really takes charge in clean solid waves, like a good performance board should.


  • Fast, Responsive and engaged.
  • The perfect performance board for a wide range of conditions.


  • These boards are wide in the tail so mine are more refined, although the width enables the board to be incredibly versatile in a wide range of conditions. Allowing a loose feel in smaller surf and unbelievable drive in pumping waves.

Blogged By: Molly Picklum.