“Quality all-round shortboard for good surfers”

Price: $850
Specifications: 5’8” x 18 1/4” x 2 1/8”
Link: http://www.jsindustries.com/air17

I ordered an Air17 to try something a little shorter and different from my current favourite board, the JS Low Down. The Air 17 has high performance features mixed with those that would normally be found on a small wave board and these combine to make a great all-round board to be ridden in a variety of conditions.

The board has a really large flat spot under the front foot to help generate speed when pumping down the line and when pushing on your front foot through bottom turns. It also has a medium-large entry and exit rocker to allow the board to handle all this speed and stay on rail through your turns off the top. This flat spot combined with the exit rocker through the tail allow for drift, pop and slide at the end of your turns when compressed over your front foot. Personally I love to push hard on the back foot and hold carves, so I love how the exit rocker in this board holds in with speed and allows me to drive through a long arc without feeling sketchy and loose.

I usually ride it with either FCS 2 MF large or the new JW large in a thruster set up.

Footage: Nick Colclough


  • P.U. construction
  • Thruster set up
  • A medium-large entry and exit rocker combined with a large flat spot under the front foot
  • Single concave running from under the front foot through to the tail

Recommended Conditions: I ride this board a lot around home, once you get used to how it surfs you can ride it in most conditions. I find it performs best in pockety waves due to the curve (especially if you have a heavy back foot), but if you drive off your front foot a lot it will carry through mushy dead spots as well. I really enjoy this board in head high to overhead punchy, pockety waves both on my forehand and backhand. The Air 17 is probably more suited to a good surfer, however put a couple extra inches on and an intermediate surfer could ride it and learn good technique.


  • Good all-round shortboard
  • Holds rail and drive
  • Great release and pop when you’re on the front foot
  • Suitable in most conditions


  • Not 100% suitable in bigger surf
  • If you’re a heavy backfooted surfer it can bog down in flat, mushy waves

Blogged By: Saxon Lumsden