The Slimes Newcastle Shapers Night took place last Wednesday with MR, Jason Stevenson (JS) and Darren Handley (DHD) all in store. The shapers took part in a Q&A session about their boards, technologies, team and surfing in general and were then available for a chat with our customers along with the crew from Channel Islands Surfboards Australia.

Original Newcastle manager Mitch Fraser was back home from London to man the BBQ and serve cold drinks with all proceeds going to SurfAid and at the end of the evening our fundraising raffle was drawn with a stack of awesome prizes going out to the lucky winners.

We would like to say a big thanks to the shapers, pros and public who came and made it such an epic night and helped get our fundraising for the SurfAid cup above $1,500

Below are some photos from the evening taken by Nic Tonks. Videos of the shaper’s interviews will hit our social media over the next few days and are well worth watching