I completed the APNEA Australia Surf Survival Course a few weeks ago and its amazing how much you can get out of one day!

We did 3 hours of theory to start off which also included breathing exercises, stretching and ways you can continue to work on your breath holds and recoveries after completing the course. The afternoon was a 3 hour pool session with varying activities from static holds, underwater swimming and the rest of the group tumbling you around between breaths. Everyone in our group improved vastly through this session and as a bonus it was really fun.

Michaela the instructor has been a professional swimmer, freediver and lifeguard through her life, with a PB of a 150m underwater swim and 5min static breath hold she absolutely knows what shes doing.  APNEA Australia has developed this course and system which maximise your ability to perform in big waves.

I would strongly recommend the course to anyone who wants to:

  • Increase their breath hold
  • Relax during hold downs
  • Recover faster between sets
  • Develop an effective warm-up routine

These will help surfers of all levels to increase their abilities and confidence, allowing them to push themselves in waves outside of their comfort zone

Blogged By: Tim