“Let sound in, keep water out.”

PRICE: $64.95


LINK: https://surfears.com/surfers-ear/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkJiNw7-52wIVDA4rCh22GQdUEAAYASAAEgI3k_D_BwE


One of the most daunting and dreaded situations no surfer wants to be thrown into, surfers ear, no one wants an ear full of that. Surf Ears are a universal ear plug that let’s sound in and keeps water out and they work! I personally haven’t had any problems with surf ears and I’ve certainly seen lots of pairs floating throughout the line up in fellow surfer’s ears. If it’s from helping dreaded ear aches, keeping water out or even prolonging and preventing surfers ear. These are the ultimate on the market. With a growing surf population and more heads bobbing in the water, it will only become a more prevalent occurrence, so for peace of mind and looking after your ears, Surf Ears have you covered.



Just like a pair of head phones, Surf Ears feature three universal sealing gel sizes to suit different sized ears.

Two strong wings that position the Surf Ears comfortably and strongly in your ear.

A leash is connected to both ear plugs, that can be worn around your neck or tied to your wetsuit, to ensure you don’t lose your marbles.



  • Let sound in, keep water out.
  • Prevent and help ease surfers ear.
  • Help relieve ear aches and blocked ears.


  • Theres nothing bad to say about the Surf Ears, the solution to many aches.

Blogged By: Dane Cameron