“The ultimate hardware locker.”

LINK: http://www.oceanearthstore.com/surf-locker/

PRICE: $59.00



There’s nothing worse than having all your essential hardware scattered throughout your board bag and not having a clue where your essentials are. That’s why the legends at O&E have designed the surf locker, the ultimate hardware and accessories locker. Throw your fins, leashes, fin keys, leggie cords and anything else. Plus, it lays straight into your board bag flat and makes them easily accessible. I recently went on a trip to Fiji and absolutely packed the surf locker with all my gear and essentials, I was in and out of boats and it was in my backpack with everything I needed. It perfectly organised so you can lay it out and have all your essential hardware organised perfectly in front of your eyes. One of the ultimate surf accessories for traveling and even in and out of your car, the Surf Locker rules!



  • The ultimate surf accessories locker, have all of your critical hardware organised and always by your side.



  • If i didn’t have it while on the search, i would be devastated.

Blogged By: Dane Cameron