“Explosive and insanely responsive, the best construction I’ve ridden”


Overview: Through this mind numbing winter, Ive been unbelievably hyped on the incredibly explosive HYFI material, its mind blowing. After riding PE boards day in and out, I was instantly stoked to feel the responsiveness, drive and flair of the parabolic HYFI construction. Riding my first Monster Box in any given condition and I would always walk away stoked, especially on the super average and winy cold days, they were the funnest. My Black Box Two was an absolute fun machine and felt so solid and engaged in small slop, even when you lined up a good bowl, you can drive it as hard as you could and it would just glide. My most recent I took over seas on two trips and I honestly couldn’t fault it, barrels, beach breaks, windy slop, I didn’t need anything but my Monster 6. Im defiantly hooked on this material, the stringer less construction doesn’t limit the flex pattern and just doesn’t loose drive, its rad how its cacooned In the inegra carbon, as much as I drive these boards into the ground, they just get more explosive. I honestly coldly fault them in every day conditions, I’ll defiantly have my HYFI’s under my feet for some summer loving in the next couple of months. Defiantly worth wrapping under your arm or the ultimate, take a demo and feel the flair.

Blogged By: Dane Cameron