“A light and compact coffin that you can lazily wheel through airports”

Price: $429.95
Sizes Available: 6’3 and 6’7
Colours: Any colour you like; as long as its black
Link: https://www.creatures.com.au/collections/quad-cover/products/quad-wheely-boardcover

I have now used the Creatures Quad Wheely for a few trips, plus several mates have borrowed it for Indo missions and it has performed/held up beautifully. A 20kg boardbag never seems too heavy until lugging it through an airport and when this happens you’ll be stoked there are wheels to cruise on. Creatures have attached these wheels to the side of the cover, which from experience is a whole lot better than the base, no sagging with rocker and the turning circle is much tighter when navigating crowds.

Stoked to have wheels during the 2km walk to our house in North Denmark

Stoked to have wheels during the 2km walk to our house in North Denmark

Like all Creatures coffins this cover features external compression straps which keep your boards nice and secure but also allow only 2 boards to sit nicely in this quad cover, if you’re travelling with less than usual. It also contains a single, light board cover as well as padded dividers to keep wax off the bottom of your boards and keep them safe.

Tim’s Top Tip: Attach the shoulder strap to the front handle for lighter and hands-free wheeling. I’d also recommend going a bit longer than your boards (last trip my biggest board was 6’1 in the 6’7 cover which seems like a lot but 3” at each end fits a rolled-up towel for extra protection perfectly)


  • Room for up to 4 boards
  • 10mm Closed Cell Padding
  • Marine-Grade corrosion resistant zipper
  • X-Flow air ventilation system
  • Lengthened zipper for easy packing
  • Internal and external compression straps
  • Removeable and dual position shoulder strap for hands free wheeling
  • Foam padded board dividers and separate 5mm day-lite boardcover
  • Durable high-density luggage wheels and reinforced drag plate

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