“Great quality sunnies with lenses that never scratch”

Price: $179.95 – $299.99 (Depending on polarisation)
Link: https://au.otiseyewear.com/collections/full-range

Otis have a huge range of premium sunglasses in different styles and colours that are all covered by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Their big point of difference from other brands are their mineral glass lenses, the most scratch resistant and distortion free lens material in the world.

I have been using several pairs of Otis sunglasses for the last few years and all of them are still in brand new condition. Before this I was going through a pair per year with other brands due to scratched lenses. Even better, the mineral glass is created from natural elements making it endlessly recyclable and harmless to humans/animals. The only drawback is that the glass lenses are more likely to shatter than a traditional lens if dropped, that being said I have dropped mine plenty of times and so far haven’t had an issue.

Otis polarised range incorporate their Precision Polar technology providing high levels of protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays and eliminating 99.9% of reflective glare.

Blogged By: Tim