“Neuw have managed to make a fresh pair of jeans feel like you’ve been wearing them for years”

Price: $159.95 – $179.95
Link: http://www.neuwdenim.com

The two cuts in store are the ‘Ray Tapered’ and the ‘Iggy Skinny’. Both have distinct features aimed at fitting a number of leg shapes and sizes to perfection.

The ‘Ray tapered’ style is inspired by the classic 1930’s, 5 pocket work wear jean. They offer a more roomy fit around the waist and backside while still holding a slim contemporary fit through the legs. The stretch of the ‘Form’ denim also allows the jeans to give in any areas that may seem a little rigid.

The ‘Iggy Skinny’ is, as the name suggests, a much more slender jean. With less room around the top and a narrow cut leg these are a much leaner style then the “Ray Tapered”. Although these jeans have less material through the top section and legs they still maintain the same standardized waist sizing. This means that they can suit a wider range of body shapes compared to your traditional skinny jean.

Like all the Neuw denim, the Form jeans were designed for movement. The carefully crafted yarn used in the jeans allows them to give the desired stretch whilst still retaining integrity through the rigors of modern life. Made from premium, high tech stretch denim, Form delivers the ultimate comfort in jeans; combining premium materials with perfectly tailored shapes,

This makes them the optimal jean to wear every day.

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