“A legrope you can trust”

Price: $50.00

Ocean and Earth are continually advancing the strength and durability of their legropes, and this is why they have the best legropes in the business. This specify comp cord allows you to surf anything from 2ft – 6ft in ultimate comfort  due to the deluxe padded ankle strap letting you to surf to the best of your ability  Unlike other legropes the One XT comes wrapped in a circle which prevents the dreaded tangles that other legropes get.

Recommended Use: The Ocean And Earth One XT comp cord is designed for waves from 2ft to 6ft


  • All Ocean And Earth legropes come with a 12 month warranty.
  • The one XT has a moulded one piece cord technology which prevents the legrope from snapping, unlike other legropes which are attached in two pieces which is more likely to snap.


  • Great legrope that you can put on your board and very rarely have to take it off, as this legrope will suit just about all conditions.


  • Only fault I could find is that if you are surfing waves over 6ft you would need to upgrade your legrope to suit the size.

Blogged By: Ben Hucker