“Flat, light, grippy and looks epic”

Price: $55

Overview: I love a grip that is flat with no arch and provides plenty of grip and also prefer black pads on my boards. The Dreded products are flat, light, have plenty of grip and look epic. If you have a colourful board and want a grip which doesn’t over power the colour, or just like black and white, the Dreded pads are perfect. You can use them on any sized/shaped board and they also make a front foot pad.

Features: Corrugated grooves provide a super grippy surface when wet ensuring your feet won’t slip off


  • Grippy
  • No arch
  • Corrugated grooves
  • Flat and thin
  • All black


  • No colour options – you can have any colour you like as long as it’s black

Blogged By: Brad Fraser